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About Tan Chong Motor Holdings Berhad

Tan Chong Motor Holdings Berhad (TCMH) was incorporated in Malaysia on 14 October 1972.  From its humble beginning as the distributor of small motor vehicles by its founders back in the 1950s, TCMH Group (the Group) has grown into a large conglomerate involved in a myriad of business activities; from the assembly and marketing of motor vehicles and auto parts manufacturing to property investment as well as trading in various heavy machineries, industrial equipment and consumer products – both locally and abroad.

Today, TCMH is an investment holding company and the Group’s current principal activities include assembly and distribution of motor vehicles and commercial vehicles, after-sales services and spare parts, education, trading and motor-related financial services such as hire purchase, insurance agency and leasing.


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Core Values(TCFIMPeD)

Trustworthiness & Integrity My Word Is My Bond
The ability to be relied upon by others as being honest, truthful, dependable, reliable and deserving of trust and confidence in actions and behaviours. Shows integrity (doing the right things in the best interests of the Company without being monitored).
Diligence Stay Focused!
Demonstrates constant and earnest efforts to accomplish projects, assignments and tasks that are given.
Courage Say It Out
Willing to take or seek out risks, bold and willing to explore new ways of doing things. Diplomatically not insisting on direct and actionable feedback, is open and direct with others without being intimidating and deals head-on with people problems and delicate situations.
Frugality Do More With Less
The quality of being economical or prudent in saving and lack of wastfulness and being thrifty in spending Company’s money for value.
Innovation & Creativity What's Next?
The capability or act of designing or developing something original or unusual and the application of ideas or implementation of something new for the Company.
24/7 Mindset Always Online
Prioritising the Company’s interests in terms of spending time thinking, strategising and executing action plans to promote and advance the Company and Group's stakeholder interests even outside office hours.
Perseverance Never Give Up
Determination and steadfastness in continuing with projects, assignments or work despite the challenges, difficulties or obstacles in achieving success.
Tan Chong Motor Holdings Berhad

Tan Chong Motor Holdings Berhad