Other Businesses
Education The Group has invested in education over the past few decades with the aim of grooming youth in technical and vocational education and training (automotive studies), so as to conceive a talented pool of technically-trained graduates. We also focus on training and developing employees in leadership and management skills and competencies. Our training emphasises on the development of the Group’s corporate culture and core values. TCMH also encourages all levels of employees to pursue knowledge and lifelong learning and education. Working hand-in-hand with our Group’s business leaders, we identify talents as well as high-performing employees to develop their career goals, aspirations and long-term growth within the Group.

IT & Others Services TCMH has established IT hubs in Malaysia and Vietnam. The focus on IT hubs reflects the growing needs to integrate IT into the automotive business by developing and enhancing IT based solutions and services used in the automotive industry such as enterprise systems, applications, mobile apps, etc.

The business activities included in the Others category are property management and investment, management services, information technology (“IT”) services and trading business.


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