Tan Chong Group Celebrates Its 60th Birthday by Going Green

Tan Chong Group Celebrates Its 60th Birthday by Going Green

Plant A Tree, Plant A Life

Serendah, 14 October 2017 – In conjunction with Tan Chong Group’s diamond jubilee, a tree-planting event, Plant A Tree, Plant A Life, was organised recently at the Group’s manufacturing plant in Serendah, as part of its efforts towards embracing a healthier environment by going green.


Dato’ Rosie Tan, Group Senior Executive Vice President of Tan Chong Motor Holdings Berhad, welcomed guests which included Dr Zorina Khalid, Chairperson of Malaysian Nature Society, Malacca and Negeri Sembilan, Stephanie Bacon, Honorary Secretary of MNS Malaysia, senior management of Tan Chong group and employees. “Today, 14 October 2017, is chosen to roll out this environmental sustainability event as it marks a very special date in the heart of Tan Chong Group’s history. It was on this day, 60 years ago that the Group’s founding father, the late Tan Sri Tan Yuet Foh, started his automotive business. Indeed, today is Tan Chong Group’s 60th Birthday. Today, we are meeting at the threshold of an era; a new era”, said Dato’ Rosie Tan.


At the core of Tan Chong Group’s corporate sustainability, priority is placed on the development and sustainability of the three main pillars of the larger business ‘ecosystem’ within which the Group operates: Economic, Environmental and Social. “Since our inception 60 years ago, the Group has strived hard to give back to the society it operates in and worked hard to be a caring company. This noble trait has been ingrained into its employees, with the formation of a special committee called Bettering Lives, aimed at helping our society to improve their livelihood and quality of life”, she added.

Tan Chong Group’s senior management team and its employees could not wait to roll up their sleeves, pick up the shovels and watering cans and plant 60 trees around the manufacturing plant at Serendah. The species chosen were Frangipani/Plumeria, Kelat Paya and Ficus.

It was indeed a meaningful and fun-filled event which had all employees flexed out their muscles. Dato’ Rosie expressed her gratitude towards the commitment and teamwork shown by the employees and said, “We are all gathered here today for one mission; mission to better the environment which will inevitably better the lives of those who live in it. Everything that we do in life and to the surroundings that enclose us is important as the good or bad of our actions will have either a positive or negative impact to the environment and its beings.”

Dato’ Rosie Tan advised the Group’s employees to come together as a group and as a family to realise the Government’s initiatives in protecting and sustaining the environment in which we live and also the economy in which we operate. The Group believes that practical and realistic actions taken today will help to sustain the Group’s business beyond its 60 years.

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