Employees’ Electric Vehicle Experience (EEVE) – Nissan Leaf

Employees’ Electric Vehicle Experience (EEVE) – Nissan Leaf

You’ve seen the All-New Nissan Leaf on the road. But have you ever driven one?

Ever wondered how it feels like to drive a 100% electric and zero-emission all-new Nissan Leaf? Well, here’s YOUR chance to get behind the wheels of one, for FREE. Amazing, no?!

This is your chance, and NOW’s the time!

So that TCMH co-workers truly appreciate the potential of electric vehicles (and become credible promoters of the Nissan Leaf), you now get to enjoy a 30-minute test drive! And yes, our product specialist shall accompany you on each test‐drive…so don’t be shy, ask away if you want to know more.

Your test-drive will take you on a pre-determined route, and if you feel that 30 minutes isn’t enough to “feel the power”, you may also book one for a group lunch with your colleagues!

Interested? Please call Group Corporate Communications @ 3166, 3200 or 3278 for more details, to join in the fun!

Feel the silent, serene power of the all-new Nissan Leaf while you still can. Ready? Then hop in!

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