Fun-filled Day at KidZania for the Underprivileged Schoolchildren

Fun-filled Day at KidZania for the Underprivileged Schoolchildren

Kuala Lumpur, 31 May 2018 – As part of the Group’s ongoing corporate sustainability initiatives, Group Corporate Communications have joined hands with Mayflower Acme Tours (a subsidiary of Warisan TC Holdings Berhad) to host a field trip for 29 schoolchildren of single parents from SJK (C) Sg. Chua and SJK (C) Sungai Way for a fun-filled day at edutainment centre, Kidzania in Kuala Lumpur.

The schoolchildren could not wait to start their “careers”


Featuring over 90 role-play professions within an actual working economy, Kidzania allows children to broaden their horizons and learn how to be self-sufficient and develop their own initiative.  Schoochildren are encouraged to be reactive, learn the inner workings of an occupation and understand financial aspects of earning a living through role-playing activities.  


On a bus ride abuzz with excitement and anticipation, 29 children aged 7 to 12 along with 3 teachers were escorted by Tan Chong’s Group Corporate Communications staff to KidZania at the Curve NX, in Mutiara Damansara.  This was the first visit to the popular edutainment centre for some of the children and expectations were high as they arrived at this “kiddo paradise”.


It began with the tour leader from Kidzania greeting the schoolchildren with “Kai”, a Kidzania way of saying ‘Hello’.  This enabled the children to have an instant sense of belonging and a feeling of being connected and accepted. After a brief explanation about the Do’s and Don’ts within the premises, the kids were given KidZos (KidZania’s own play “money”).  The KidZos enabled the children to explore the mysteries of managing money and they can be used to purchase souvenirs as a remembrance of their fun day at Kidzania. If they run short of money, they would have to earn it by taking up jobs in Kidzania.


The kids were overwhelmed seeing all sorts of ‘make-believe careers’ before their eyes.  The children babbled and ran excitedly amongst themselves. They went into the Chocolate Factory.  They got the chance to learn the art of chocolate-making with the Master Chocolatier. They found out where ingredients came from, before melting and moulding their own delicious chocolate.   Nothing is sweeter than tasting the fruits of your own hard labour. They had the opportunity to have a closer look at the chocolate making process and simultaneously earned some Kidzos from this experience.


One of the schoolchildren, who has defects on the leg since birth, took up the challenge of becoming a firefighter.  He was excited but remained calm; listening intently to the explanation given by the conductor whilst waiting patiently before donning the firefighter suit.  The kids then hopped onto a fire truck and the engine hummed to life. They were sent to a fire scene for a rescue mission. It was fun albeit tough but they managed to live their dream of being a firefighter.


The children continued to explore Kidzania with great awe trying career after career through exciting role-play.  Some experienced a legal court proceeding; dressing up as a judge, prosecutor and defendant; working as an administrator to manage daily operation routines in the office and learnt about how TV shows are made including live news recording and radio broadcasting.  The children also took on the challenge as a building maintenance management team where they were lifted up a few meters from the ground in a lift, equipped with personal safety kits. Some kids chose to learn how to make jewellery and even operate an aircraft.


After a few hours of interesting and exhilarating role-playing and interaction within Kidzania, the children feasted on a sumptuous lunch and rested for a while before they continued with their activities.  


All good times must come to an end and before bidding goodbye, the children thanked Tan Chong Group for providing them with this role-playing and fun experience at KidZania and spending time with them.  The children really enjoyed themselves and would love to visit the edutainment centre again.


The schoolchildren from SJK (C) Sg. Chua and SJK (C) Sg. Way are two of the four schools/centres that are currently being sponsored by Tan Chong Group as part of its Corporate Sustainability programme.  With the general idea of giving back to society, we will continue to explore other avenues to reach out to those in need.


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