TCMH and WTCH Staff Benefits

Sign in with your staff login and immediately enjoy exclusive staff benefits with GoCar. Unlock these staff benefits when you sign-up for GoCar now. More benefits coming soon.

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If you already have a GoCar login, you still need to sign-up again to enjoy your staff benefits. Click on Account to logout of your personal account, and sign-up with your staff login as shown below.

IMPORTANT: YOU MUST SIGN UP FIRST before you’re able to login. Sign Up button located next to Login button

Update your documents once you have signed up: upload a photo of your IC (front & back), valid driver’s license (front & back), and a selfie of you with your driver’s license. This step is mandatory if you are using a GoCar Share.

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Have Questions?

  1. Will my password to my GoCar mobile app login change when I change my TCM and WTC password?
    • Yes, it will automatically change to follow your TCMH and WTCH login.
  2. I already have a GoCar account. Do I need to sign-up again to enjoy the staff benefits?
    • Yes, the staff benefits will link to your TCMH and WTCH login. Hence you will need to create a new account.
  3. What happens to my GoCar account when I leave the organisation?
    • The account will automatically be deactivated. You can register using your personal details to continue using GoCar services. The staff benefits will no longer apply.
  4. I am a TCM / WTC staff but I do not have a Tan Chong email address. How do I sign-up?
    • We will need to manually assist you to create your GoCar account with yourpersonal e-mail and drop us an email at marketing@gocar.my with the below details and our team will be in touch with you within 2 working days
      – Name
      – Staff ID number 
      – Company 
      – Mobile number
  5. Do I need to pay to sign-up for GoCar?
    • The GoCar app is a free mobile app when you download from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. There is a RM20 one time membership fee, however this fee is waived for TCMH and WTCH
  6. Am I eligible to enjoy the promotions available to the public?
    • Yes, in most cases, you are able to enjoy the on-going promotions on top of these benefits exclusive to staff.
  7. How would I know that the GoPocket Point is given to me?
    • The GoPocket Points are automatically added to your account once you have sign up and login the GoCar app.
  8. I need help. Who can I contact?
    • We’re happy to help. You can use our CHAT function in the Help section within the GoCar mobile app and our team will be happy to assist or contact us at 1300-30-2663.

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